Modeling and Analysis to Foster Societal Safety and Sustainability in a Changing World

Guikema Research Group, University of Michigan

Who Are We?

The Guikema research group consists of Dr. Seth Guikema and a group of postdoctoral researchers and Ph.D., masters, and undergraduate students. As of Fall 2018, the group consists of 1 postdoc, 11 Ph.D. students (9 at Michigan and 2 in Norway). Our research is focused on and grounded in risk analysis, statistical learning theory, agent based modeling, stochastic simulation, decision analysis, and agent-based modeling. We focus on issues related to climate adaptation and the sustainabiltiy of cities and infrastructure, disaster risk analysis, critical infrastructure modeling, natural hazards, and terrorism risk. Our work is a mix of developing and testing new methods and applying methods to better understand problems of societal importance. Much of what we do is strongly interdisciplinary. The information in this web page should help to give a better picture of what we do. Contact one of us if you have questions or would like more information!

Selected News

July 2018A paper titled "Hard-adaptive measures can increase vulnerability to storm surge and tsunami hazards over time" co-authored by Tom Logan, Jeremy Bricker (TU Delft), and Seth Guikema was provisionally accepted for publication (pending minor revisions) in Nature Sustainability. This paper develops a new understanding of the influence of repeated tsunamis on the evolution of community vulnerability over time and the role that seawalls play in potentially increasing vulnerability to Black Swan events.

June 2018A paper titled "Agent-Based Models as an Integrating Boundary Object for Interdisciplinary Research" co-authored by Allison Reilly, Robin Dillon-Merrill, and Seth Guikema was accepted for publication in Risk Analysis. This paper discusses the need for boundary objects for interdisciplinary research teams and suggests that agent based models are a strong candidate as a boundary object for many settings.

April 2018A paper titled "Statistical Modeling of Tree Failures During Storms" co-authored by Elnaz Kabir, Brian Kane, and Seth Guikema was accepted for publication in Reliability Engineering and System Safety. This paper develops statistical models for tree failures during storms.